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The Story Behind Our Organization

WALK LIKE WE TALK IT is a non-profit organization driven by young adult leaders who strive to make an impact on their community through four areas of engagement: social justice, community service, youth empowerment, and political engagement.

A group of college students and alumni started Walk It Like We Talk It after participating in a local Black Lives Matter protest that received negative attention from the community. Two of the group's founders found that they had a common interest in bettering their community. After coming together to hold a "Walk To The Polls" event called "Walk It Like We Talk," the group decided to continue setting up events that could positively impact their community. As the group evolved into an established organization, the name "Walk It Like We Talk It" stuck. 

Walk It Like We Talk It aims to create an inclusive environment, which is why we believe community members are eager to join the movement. Anyone can find a reason to get involved. Younger generations have far fewer opportunities and resources to be financially, politically, and economically successful. They often find themselves excluded from the decision-making processes that affect their livelihood and wellbeing. We not only create a space for young people in the room, we invite them to the head of the table.

Our Mission: To Facilitate Growth and Progress within communities through Empathy and Conversation 

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